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Hello, I am a champion in several seasons, max 8400 points, also won several amateur European tournaments. I have been playing this game since the early beta test, I am the owner of the first season diamond, the accumulated experience of more than +6000 hours in the game allows me to fulfill your order with a minimum of time spent, the high level of k / d and w / l will be kept.


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Wins Boosting

Diamond I - 6 Win(s)

Very fast booster 🔥 the best!

Wins Boosting

Champion I - 2 Win(s)

One of the best booster on here

Rank Boosting

Silver V > Gold V

Un très bon booster qui répond aux attentions à recommander

Wins Boosting

Champion I - 5 Win(s)

The best booster available

Wins Boosting

Champion I - 10 Win(s)

One of the best booster on here. Love how fast and reliable Ender is. Definitely will buy again

Rank Boosting

Emerald IV > Emerald III

3rd time having ender, super fast and reliable

Wins Boosting

Emerald V - 1 Win(s)

2nd I got him, Ender on top

Rank Boosting

Platinum I > Emerald V

Awesome, will buy from him again

Rank Boosting

Bronze IV > Silver I

Fast and amazing

Rank Boosting

Copper IV > Diamond V

Very fast booster and a communicative person. 👍🏻

Rank Boosting

Platinum IV > Diamond V

An amazing player worked fast and well.

Rank Boosting

Diamond III > Diamond I

just amazing!

Wins Boosting

Gold IV - 1 Win(s) - Previous season: Unranked

great guy fast and easy

Wins Boosting

Gold V - 2 Win(s) - Previous season: Unranked

fast, easy just a great experience with Ender

Wins Boosting

Bronze I - 10 Win(s) - Previous season: Platinum

The service is legit. I had some doubts but overall Ender did good with my account

Wins Boosting

Champion I - 10 Win(s) - Previous season: Unranked

I love ender!