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Hello there! My name is Nova and I've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege since Operation Black Ice (Y1S1). Over all these years I was able to acquire a huge amount of knowledge and experience, so that I am now one of the 100 best players in Europe. I don't use any cheats, glitches, exploits or other things that would violate the fair play rules or endanger your account in any way. Your account is 100% safe with me. If you specifically want to have me as your booster, feel free to specify this when creating your order. See you soon!


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Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 3 Win(s)

The perfect booster! Nice, accommodating and can not be trz. cheaters thrown out of the concept. Very happy more often & again!

Placements Boosting

Diamond III - 10 Game(s)

Honestly, Nova is such an humble person! Very nice, very commutatively and most of all gets the job done. Couldn't ask for anyone better. This is your man to go for if you ever need your service done. 5 star rating. Highly recommended it!

Placements Boosting

Platinum II - 10 Game(s)

Very good player you can trust him

Wins Boosting

Diamond I - 1 Win(s)

very strong he fell on a lot of cheater but the order is finished quickly

Rank Boosting

Bronze V > Gold III

Nur empfehlen: Schnell, Nett und Super Sympathisch. Vielen Dank

Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 2 Win(s)

fast and clean

Rank Boosting

Gold III > Gold I


Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 1 Win(s)

Absolute goat cracked ggs

Rank Boosting

Copper III > Silver V

Top Kommunikation und Top Ergebnis 👌

Placements Boosting

Gold II - 6 Game(s)

Good job

Wins Boosting

Gold II - 5 Win(s)

I like that he is friendly, It took a little longer than usual but time was kinda unlucky. Give him a go!

Placements Boosting

Platinum III - 9 Game(s)

Rank Boosting

Platinum II > Platinum I

the best booster around

Wins Boosting

Platinum III - 3 Win(s)

this order was completed with kindness and done properly

Rank Boosting

Silver I > Gold II

Amazing booster! Super patient guy and still carried with high ping (He played asian servers from EU). Highly recommended

Wins Boosting

Platinum III - 10 Win(s)

when u looked for someone who will do ur order with all his best and make sure that u r comfortable u can choose nova, and at the same time u got a friend, not a booster.

Rank Boosting

Bronze V > Silver III

Nice guy did it fast very nice dashboard as well no complaints good job guys

Wins Boosting

Gold I - 2 Win(s)

fast, pro, friendly. Very good player what else can I say ? I will choose him every time.

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