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Hello guys, my name is Kaiko, I play Rocket League competitively, I have played several tournaments and I have a good mentality and I am willing to give my full potential to perform orders.

Ranks that I can perform orders --> SSL
Regions I can play --> NA, EU
Platforms that I can place orders --> PC, PS4, XBOX, EPIC, STEAM


Icons Packs And Ranks Rocket League Ranks Rank 22




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Champion III > Supersonic Legend

effective and fast, I recommend that you choose it in specific booster

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Champion I > Grand Champion I

Seasonal Rewards Wins

Grand Champion I - 9 Win(s)

No words needed. Damn good Service

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Champion II > Grand Champion I

Very fast and quickly Work. 5 Stars are to Worth. I will come back...

Rank Boosting

Platinum III > Diamond II

Amazing lad, he is one of the top players ! Next time i'll take him again

Seasonal Rewards Wins

Champion I - 10 Win(s)

Kaiko responds to questions in chat very quickly even if he’s in the middle of boosting you. Very satisfied.

Rank Boosting

Platinum II > Champion III

Very satisfied with my order. Would recommend 10/10

Rank Boosting

Champion III > Grand Champion I

Rank Boosting

Diamond II > Champion I