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21yo, I'm just a guy who likes to finish his orders fast as possible :)


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Net Win Boosting

Ascendant III - 2 Win(s)

The best booster I had, he was friendly, kept me informed of everything and got the job done as...

Rank Boosting

Diamond I > Diamond II

fast, high kills.

Rank Boosting

Iron III > Bronze I

Thank you so much !! Was really fun to play with you!

Net Win Boosting

Diamond III - 2 Win(s)

Did the order very fast! Was friendly. I recommend him with great pleasure :)

Rank Boosting

Platinum I > Diamond I

Amazing booster. Average completion time said 2 days and he finished my boost in less then 24 hours....

Rank Boosting

Gold III > Platinum I

Very Fast and great job. I can recommend him.

Rank Boosting

Diamond III > Ascendant I

Very very very fast and clean !!!

Placements Games

Platinum II - 4 Game(s)

Excellent boost, would give 5 stars but took a while to start other than that was amazing.

Rank Boosting

Diamond III > Immortal + 10 RR

fast and good

Rank Boosting

Platinum II > Platinum III

very good booster would highly recommend

Rank Boosting

Gold I > Gold III

Boosting was done quickly and effectively. Updates after every game. Amazing. Thank you again!

Rank Boosting

Gold I > Gold II

TengenSama Was so fast, he did a amazing job. Did not use any of my shit and was fast. I went to...

Rank Boosting

Silver II > Silver III

best booster he worked well and updated me on everything. responds quickly and is a great guy