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Hello, my name is cmbck and Im from Russia. I speak Russian, Serbian and English. I played in Rainbow six siege since Operation Shifting Tides and have over 3000 hours, more than a half of them was played on the highest siege ranks. Of course I don’t use any cheats and stuff like that, so there is no risk to your account. I can play every day about 8-9 hours, a great availability to be able to make your order at any time when it is available and above all in an easy and fast way. I’m very open and communicable person, if you have anything to say, i'm always here for you.


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2349 > 3000

Very good. cmbck did exactly what I asked for. 5 stars.

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Diamond III - 10 Game(s)

My mans did 2 extra games because his team was throwing a little. What a goat

Rank Boosting

2484 > 2750

Awesome and fast!!! He's the best!!!!!

Rank Boosting

2400 > 3200

Was very fast and friendly did a great job

Rank Boosting

3818 > 4400

perfect c:

Rank Boosting

2764 > 3500

very fast and nice booster - Even after an adjustment of the order! Definitely I will choose him...

Rank Boosting

3645 > 4103

3600-4143 Unbeliveble player!

Rank Boosting

4405 > 5009

crazy guy

Wins Boosting

Diamond III - 1 Win(s)

He‘s super friendly and did a great job.

Rank Boosting

2547 > 3200

good booster

Wins Boosting

Bronze II - 10 Win(s)

Very good service. Fast delivery. I will use it again!

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1687 > 2045


Placements Boosting

Platinum III - 8 Game(s)

Did what he could

Wins Boosting

Copper II - 1 Win(s)

too good at the game that the opposition team thought he was cheating

Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 5 Win(s)


Wins Boosting

Platinum III - 10 Win(s)

v good player always done swiftly <3

Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 4 Win(s)

fast as hell

Rank Boosting

4 > 5

great booster very friendly and a good plyer :D

Wins Boosting

Gold II - 4 Win(s)

He did it perfectly, anytime again.

Wins Boosting

Gold I - 4 Win(s)

Great and efficient service

Placements Boosting

Silver IV - 10 Game(s)

I recommend this guy hes amazing and hes a really cool guy

Rank Boosting

2 > 4

Very happy with cmbck. Great guy to talk to. Goes above and beyond to make your request happen....

Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 1 Win(s)

Noticed that i was close to diamond and did another match just to get me there! 100/10 would...

Wins Boosting

Gold II - 8 Win(s)

Great Job! Very solid experience! It was done fast and efficient. Well worth it. :)

Placements Boosting

Unranked I - 10 Game(s)

Would recommend, Would choose him again Thank You !

Wins Boosting

Gold I - 5 Win(s)

Service was fast and reliable.

Placements Boosting

Diamond III - 1 Game(s)

Absolutely insane so nice and is a good player Thankyou :)

Wins Boosting

Platinum I - 2 Win(s)

Excellent player was able to get order done right away. Was very polite. Highly recommended!!!

Wins Boosting

Platinum II - 5 Win(s)

Excellent booster he was able to fulfill the order as requested and was very professional.

Wins Boosting

Gold I - 3 Win(s)

great boosting got me back in the game