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Hi, my name is Paul, i am 23 y.o. I am a big fan of Rainbow Six Siege.

I played in Rainbow six siege since Phantom Sight, i have a lot of experience playing at high ranks. I have already played 8000 hours.
My rank is champion.

Why should you choose me?

- I will make your order very quickly.
- I work to make the client happy.
- I have won many tournaments
- I have a lot of experience.
- I'm just a good guy


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Bronze IV > Silver IV - Previous season: Bronze

Great booster , fast and friendly .

Rank Boosting

Gold I > Platinum II - Previous season: Unranked

Always amazing. Super fast and kind :)

Rank Boosting

Platinum V > Emerald V - Previous season: Emerald

Love this Booster <3 I Order him everytime !!!

Rank Boosting

Gold V > Platinum V - Previous season: Emerald

Best Player i have ever Seen <3

Rank Boosting

Silver V > Gold V - Previous season: Emerald

Second Order all fine. He knows what to do. Fav Booster <3

Rank Boosting

Silver II > Emerald IV - Previous season: Silver

Very nice guy. Would choose him every time!

Rank Boosting

Copper V > Silver V - Previous season: Emerald

All fine. Now he is my fav Booster. Fast Games and nice Communication

Rank Boosting

Platinum V > Platinum I - Previous season: Platinum

Booster was responsive and easy to work with. Finished quick. Will definitely hire in the future!

Rank Boosting

Platinum V > Emerald V - Previous season: Silver

Booster is the best on this website. WE DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE GAME! absolutely beast of a player!...

Rank Boosting

Gold II > Platinum V - Previous season: Unranked

Reliable and fast, would recommend him

Rank Boosting

Gold III > Platinum V - Previous season: Silver

WE DID NOT LOOSE A SINGLE GAME 20+ GAMES PLAYED I started Gold 3 +4 RP gains all the way to plat 5....

Wins Boosting

Emerald I - 2 Win(s) - Previous season: Platinum

Was very fast we didnt lose, would choose him for the next boost also.

Rank Boosting

Bronze I > Silver I - Previous season: Silver

Thank you Paul, it took a while to start and that wasn't your fault. As soon as Paul took the order...

Rank Boosting

Silver I > Platinum V - Previous season: Silver

He was very friendly and was able to complete my order very quick I would recommend using him as...

Rank Boosting

Platinum IV > Diamond II - Previous season: Unranked

Repeat customer of Pauls - always amazing service.

Wins Boosting

Gold V - 3 Win(s) - Previous season: My current rank match my last season rank: +0%

great booster

Rank Boosting

Copper III > Platinum IV - Previous season: Unranked

Paul was incredible. Really kind. Impressive K/D ratio. Defo requeting him next time!!

Wins Boosting

Diamond I - 3 Win(s) - Previous season: Silver

Great booster. Very fast. High KD

Wins Boosting

Diamond IV - 10 Win(s) - Previous season: Silver

Great boost fast and efficient. Great communication. Trustworthy guy.

Wins Boosting

Bronze V - 5 Win(s) - Previous season: Unranked

Good man, never lies, good vibes, good at the game and trustworthy. Finished my order fast.