Loyalty Program

Start earning "Market Coins" right away thanks to our new Loyalty System, and turn your purchases into profit!

Finally the most complete and advantageous loyalty system is available for our customers! From now on all your purchases will be converted into Market Coins which can be used to buy services and much more within our platform. And that's not all: in fact Boosting Market can boast the highest Cashback system among all the sites of the same type, up to 9%. Cashback can also be added to existing discounts, providing the best service at the lowest possible price. Start earning today!

3% cashback

5% cashback

7% cashback

9% cashback

50$ spent
OR 5 orders

150$ spent
OR 10 orders

250$ spent
OR 20 orders

450$ spent
OR 30 orders

No Fees

Earning and paying with Market Coins allows you to get all our Boosting Services with no hidden fees. There is no payment gateway in the middle that affects the services you purchase.

Highest Cashback

Here on Boosting Market we are committed to make customer satisfaction our main mission. It is for this reason that we have decided to provide the highest cashback on the market, reaching up to 9% for the "platinum" tier.


For us, purchases through Market Coins are synonymous with customer loyalty and for this we want to reciprocate: orders placed in this currency will have a higher priority level than normal orders.

*Only purchases of 10$ or more are elegible for the order count, to avoid exploiting